Transformation projects regarding the networks of agencies generally address one or several adaptation issues in the company's distribution model: changing market conditions and clients’ needs, the integration of new ways of interacting with customers, profitability issues, and the reallocation of resources.


What We Do:

We can support part of or the entire transformation project through:

  • The formalization of diagnosis and evolution issues which give meaning to the future transformation. Our analysis focuses on taking into account the facts and employees’ perceptions which are then resituated into the specific context of the company.
  • The construction of the target organization – forging a vision of the medium-term network of agencies, and evaluating with our clients the detailed impacts of the decisions they are about to take and the challenges driving the next change.
  • The support in the deployment of the future organization by building an implementation program which will stand as a reference throughout the rise of the new organization (NBI, ROI, and headcount per occupation).


Our Assets:

In order to provide the highest level of value to our customers, we rely on:

  • A combined competency: strategy – organization – change management Strategy - Organization - Change Management.
  • Unique benchmarks of organizational models and referentials
  • A proven methodology, built with over 10 years of experience, to ensure a successful implementation in a serene social climate
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