In a rising digital context, being able to manage a remote customer relationship is a must. Networks are gradually taking back the flow of incoming calls and messages that were previously directed mainly to call centers.

At the same time, telephone platforms are evolving towards higher proactivity and expertise to accompany the evolution of banking consumption patterns.


What We Do:

We support you in strategic thinking regarding the evolution of remote service offerings. We can help you achieve an effective and successful implementation of your organization by:

  • Defining the new service offering and organizational principles
  • Identifying/qualifying/measuring impacts on occupations, processes, and tools
  • Creating a journey that considers the rise of digital technologies

Developing the skills of employees and managers of distance relationship centers


Our Advantages:

  • Our insight on customers’ behaviors and expectations toward their banks through an annual survey
  • A supply of key information for the sizing of flow and optimizing the allocation of resources for specialized units of telephone platforms and offering differentiating qualitative benefits
  • Many successful experiences that might make sense in your context and also shed light on “failed”experiences in other institutions
  • Time-saving and fast implementation thanks to our level of expertise on these topics
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