Organizational transformations develop your performance if your employees understand the new framework, know how to get involved, and are trained to meet the new challenges that you offer them.


What We Do:

  • Change Management: We provide you with the necessary tools to make the change easier to accept in your network. This includes an impact study of the transformations, listening and perception diagnostics, the conception of communication plans, the design and production of training plans, and the engagement of the management line.
  • Managerial Transformation: The managers are the drivers of your sales teams. In order to guide them, we offer you a managerial diagnosis, the design of charters consistent with your business strategy, the development of training courses, and the production of preparation and anchoring of change devices (including coaching).
  • HR advisory: We support HR directors in their operations through the provisional management of employment and skills, the development of training plans, the piloting of skills development, and process performance.


Our Assets:

  • We are experts of development issues, and we have developed a unique expertise on managerial transformation topics
  • Adaptation to your "atypical" situations where organization projects have a heavy impact on the functioning of your company (organization of social dialogue and mobility management process in large volumes)
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