A battle is won on the field, and the triumph of a campaign is built on the support provided. To enable your network to develop a sustainable performance, Nouvelles Donnes accompanies you by adapting your organization to the support functions.


What We Do:

  • Animation: Animation functions are involved, in addition to the management line, to support employees. This requires:
    • A definition of the expectations of the various functions to be set up
    • A team size based on your skills development objectives and accompanying capacities of agency managers
    • The definition of relevant operation processes (referral procedures, formalization of reports, and management indicators)
  • Marketing: The operating range of the marketing function can be very broad. We support you in:
    • Strategic marketing which helps a bank build its performance over 3 years
    • The "go-to-market" marketing responsible for identifying valuable expectations of different customer segments, building relevant offers, and proposing the terms of distribution
    • The "operational" marketing which organizes and implements proactive commercial devices (client communication, etc.)
  • Human resources: We work on:
    • The provisional management of employment and skills (diagnosis, construction of the devices and tools, and involvement of the management line)
    • The HR support for major transformation projects (installation of processes and tools for the management of mobility in large numbers)


Our Assets:

  • A deep understanding of the markets, their trends in the mid-term, and customers’ expectations
  • A close relationship with your sales teams thanks to our trainings sessions which allow us to become aware of their difficulties and development challenges
  • Proven experience in the design of different organizational schemes in different contexts and a clear vision of the key success factors of the implementation, built through more than 80 projects in the field