From awareness to the sustainable evolution of behaviours, the learning process is long and complex.

Only simulation, training, and repetition enable an individual to anchor a new practice in daily life.

What We Do:

With this in mind, the Nouvelles Donnes Training Centre provides distance learning services and customized training to employees.

It is a training and remote development centre that is the only one of its kind.

Adapted and defined, in terms of the objectives of our customers, the intervention themes of the training centre cover:

  • The business practices (sales, trading, trading rebound, making appointments for customers and future prospects, etc.)
  • The customer relations practices (phone reception, mail processing, claims processing, administration, customer service, etc.)
  • The managerial practices (individual interviews, debriefing sessions, coaching, etc.)

Our Assets:

The training centre offers different teaching methods:

  • Individual sessions
  • Collective workshops
  • Evaluation pre- or post-training
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