Network Bank: 15,000 employees, 2,000 branches

To make the most of the development of the digital bank, our client wanted to revise its distribution system.

We shared these key elements of context:

  • Decrease in the physical flows in branches
  • Development of relations by phone and email
  • High expectations of added value expressed by customers
  • Tensions regarding the net banking income in a sustained low-interest rate environment
  • Increase of the frequency and quality of contact

With these findings, we built a new multichannel distribution system that included:

  • Significant strengthening in electronic communication (pop-ups and email)
  • Development of regional call centers with high-value units (insurance, credit, inheritance, wealth services, etc.)
  • Significant reduction in the number of employees in reception positions for the benefit of commercial jobs
  • Implementation of new business practices with 30% of appointments by phone
  • Overhaul of sales management
  • Overhaul of management conditions in networks

This included 3 months for the diagnosis, 6 months for the target construction, and 18 months for the implementation and the team’s training.


Prime Mutualist Bank: 35,000 employees, 4,200 branches

Our client wanted to quickly align the business and management practices of its network with its new digital strategy.

The shared view after our stage of immersion and diagnosis included:

  • A clear strategy but an operating declination to specify
  • New expectations from each occupation far from current network practices
  • Presence of marketed tools, segmentation, offers, and successive new practices but without any strong links among them
  • A difficulty for the sales team and the managers to make the synthesis of all these developments and, therefore, to appropriate the new expectations

The objective and scope of our intervention:

  • Setting or revisiting the targeted commercial practices in a multichannel environment: "Clearly and concretely, what is expected of me as an account officer?"
  • Setting or revisiting the targeted managerial practices in multichannel environment "Clearly and concretely, what is expected of me as a manager?"
  • Building implementation and change management devices
  • Building training modules for salespeople, managers, and in-house trainers

This included 2 months for the diagnosis; 4 months to develop practices, support devices, and training; and 18 months for the implementation and team’s training in various regional banks.


Leading National Bank

Our client decided to establish a specialized bank for financing the local public sector. This was an ambitious and unique project which required speed and a significant contribution of expertise.

We implemented a rhythmic and proven approach for our client to:

  • Study the market potential and identify the best business strategy
  • Build a complete distribution device based on a benchmark of leading market players (segmentation, relationship strategy, and business reference)
  • Size the sales force and identify it in the local area

A second phase was created to support our client in the detailed design and implementation of his sale devices:

  • Preparation work
  • Portfolio construction
  • Development and dissemination of new commercial and managerial practices
  • Change management

The project results were quickly recognized in the field:

  • Successful deployment in record time despite the schedule being dictated by the negotiation of deadlines with regulators
  • Implementation of branch organizations in regions with the integration of 200 experts
  • Achievement of the business objectives by the end of the first year of the exercise