Launching a new business, winning new market shares, conquering new customers, improving customer satisfaction, and adapting production tools are some of the many reasons which result in initiating market/customer research.


What We Do:

  • Quantitative studies: We design, administer, and analyze these studies. They are carried out on behalf of our clients or to feed our internal works and are based on the relevance of targeting, quality of data collection, and analysis.
  • Qualitative studies: We guarantee the success of your studies, and we identify the correct aspects of transformation through good preparation, robust and suitable techniques, business knowledge, and availability of valuable information from our various internal investigations.
  • Benchmarks: Our 10-year benchmark allow us to offer a capitalization among the wealthiest of France by offering relevant benchmarks, examples of organizations, and many indicators facilitating decision-making.


Our Assets:

Choosing Nouvelles Donnes will allow you to take advantage of experts from an experienced firm in the banking and insurance industries. Our strong force will allow you to perform your studies in record time thanks to:

  • Our annual studies and analyses of trends and customer behaviors
  • A library of more than 150 projects in the world of banking and insurance
  • Our methodological mix that combines quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • Innovative tools with cutting-edge technology (tablets, online surveys, tools such as Sphinx, etc.)
  • Our platform of in-house specialized investigators based in Le Mans, guaranteeing quality in the handover of questionnaires