The surveys that we have conducted every year, since 2005, show that customers visit agencies less often but expect their banks to have a high level of responsiveness and flawless proactivity.


What We Do:

  • Segmentation: Absolute segmentation does not exist. We prefer to talk about segmentations in plural, specific to each institution and tailored to each company's strategy.

Potential Value Segmentation

Behavioral Segmentation



Mapping the goodwill based on the current value of each customer (NBI, turnover, margin, etc.) and development potential (portion of flows, potential of external assets, etc.)

   Example segmentation based on 2 behavioral axes identifiable by equipment profiles


  • Relational strategy: We bring you a proven methodology and a 10-year benchmark on major bank networks to define, together, the frequency of contact with your customers regarding different media and the time spent on each customer according to your distribution strategy. We determine and allocate human resources to your network.
  • Role and place of the channels: From the analysis of the customer journey, we define, with you, the target contribution of the different distribution channels by the major field of the offer.
  • Agencies’ formats: We integrate new communication technologies and customer requirements seeking a less "face-to-face" and more "side-by-side" relationship to review the organization of your agencies based on the flow you receive every week. The agency of tomorrow is multi-channeled and more collaborative.


Our Assets:

  • Recommendations based on an annual study over 7 years regarding customer expectations
  • A team of professionals hired from the banking and insurance industries
  • An advanced knowledge of new communication technologies